Small House Design Idea 8x9 Meters, 3 Bedroom with Roofdeck

Small House Design Idea 8x9 Meters, 3 Bedroom with Roofdeck -- The following 8x9 meter house has a charming design with facilities that are suitable for small families. This house is also quite minimalist and affordable. For more details, check out "Small House Design Idea 8x9 Meters, 3 Bedroom with Roofdeck" below, (cost estimation at the end)!

Facade Design

Facade Design

The facade of this house has a simple yet charming design. Beautifully detailed with silver stripes, it matches the soft orange walls. This colors makes the facade feel more cheerful and attractive. The surrounding greenery adorns the house, making it fresh and airy.

Cozy Roofdeck


Although quite small in size, this house is able to utilize the availability of land more optimally. This is evident from the roofdeck at the front of the house, right above the terrace. This roofdeck provides additional space to relax with your beloved family. This roofdeck can be accessed through a spiral staircase with iron railings, space-saving!

Rear Side View

Rear View

The back side of the house looks more simple and minimalist with a soft orange color. There is a door and a small window for ventilation. It is also used as a laundry room, of course with an additional cabinet and canopy for safety and convenience!

Roof Design

Roof Design

For the roof itself, this house uses a sloping roof model for the main building. There are 2 roofs with different heights and slopes, providing a beautiful look that is more dimensional, as well as maximum protection for the building. Especially for the terrace, there is a roofdeck that also functions as a roof.

Floor Plan and Estimated Cost

Floor Plan

As you can see in the picture, it is a detailed floor plan of this house. Complete facilities include:

- Porch

- Living Area

- Dining and Kitchen Area

- 3 Bedroom

- 2 Bathroom

- Laundry Area

- Additional Roofdeck

If you are interested in this type of house, the estimated cost for Standard finish is Php 1.7M+ to 1.8M+. But of course this is just an estimate, prices can vary depending on your area and many other factors.

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

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