Living Comfortably & Quietly in a Simple Cabin with a Bridge - Although the cabin house has small size, but will feel comfortable to live in it. With the right design and the right decoration, making the residence feels more refreshing and suitable for those of you who want inspiration or productivity.

Exterior design

The exterior design of this minimalist cabin house looks chic and has fresh and soothing accents. With the facade of the house has stone and wood elements, giving a natural-looking dwelling. Not only that, cabin houses are built close to lakes or rivers and also have bridges at the front and back of the house.

Living room

The living room shows good design and brings a comfortable room. Combining white, black, and sage green color, make this area look elegant and pretty even in a small room. You can add a fireplace around the living room to make it warm the area.

Living room and porch area

The design of the living room which is also adjacent to the side terrace or porch will certainly be a pleasant thing. Use the sliding door as a barrier between the living room and the side terrace. And also use transparent elements that allow you to see the outdoor view of the living room area.


The presence of palette wood elements combines with sage green increasingly makes the room feel more natural and elegant. The right arrangement makes the bedroom in the cabin house feel more comfortable and eye-catching.

Kitchen and dining room

Merging the main room will bring a spacious accent. Such as the kitchen and dining room that one room with a living room area. Design this area nicely and make sure to create windows on the ceiling for accessing the sunlight.

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Editor : Munawaroh

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