Livin' Peacefully in Satisfying Timber House - Living in a wooden house surrounded by trees and a natural environment will certainly provide peace of mind. Not only that, the minimalist and different design makes this rather high-built house feel comfortable.

The facade design

This house that is built rather high looks slick and has a fresh design. Not only that, the empty bottom of this house can be used as a place to relax by installing a mini swimming pool or other furniture.

Top view

The top view of this house is like a house in general. With a gable roof that extends to the back, there is a roof that has transparent glass material in the middle. This will certainly make the interior access to solar lighting and a good view.


This bedroom design has glass roof access that makes the room filled with sunlight and also has a neat outdoor view. The master bedroom also has an en suite bathroom and bathtub access near the balcony.


As usual, the kitchen design in tidy for cozy spot to cooking. You can create window around the kitchen for good ventilation and also provide enough sunlight.


One area with bedroom, the bedroom also has transparent glass roof. Then, the design of the bathroom look stunning with cement expose. Make sure get good rack for storage for tidy bathroom and still clean.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

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