90 sqm Prefabricated Home Design Idea

 Homlovely.comThis prefab or modular house can be said to be a house that is built quickly or manufactured. Prefab houses are houses built with special construction methods from material component components made outside the construction area. Or it can be said that we build houses by assembling materials from factories. Of course, it's easy and fast, right?

Facade house design

Viewed from the front, this prefab house looks chic and aesthetic. With a gable roof design, the design of the outdoor area of the house is equipped with spotlights that add to the beauty of this house. Not only that, but the existence of a minimalist garden also helps make the residence a refreshing atmosphere.

The terrace

Before entering the house, there are low steps made of waterproof wood material. Likewise, the terrace is made to have a minimalist design and there is only a set of chairs and a small table. The right decoration and lighting such as lanterns further add to the beautiful atmosphere.

Around the house

The combination of white and wood elements always makes the residence more chic and feels calm. Not only the front area of the house, but the back and side areas of the house also installed spotlights as lighting. Which will make the house more on-point and beautiful at night.


Like the design in general, this bedroom has a neat and comfortable design and arrangement. The presence of windows and ventilation will certainly help the bedroom have good air circulation and will certainly save more electricity because of lighting.


Although it does not have a barrier, this minimalist bathroom looks neat with the right design and arrangement. Moreover, the presence of trellis windows and also plant decorations, increasingly makes the bathroom feel more comfortable to use.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Facebook - Boxmodi

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