2 Bedroom Simple Small Pinoy House Design Concept 64 SQM


2 Bedroom Simple Small Pinoy House Design Concept 64 SQM 

Homlovely.com -- As we know, not everyone can afford to have a large plot of land or a big house. But there are also some people who prefer the concept of a small house. A small house like "2 Bedroom Simple Small Pinoy House Design Concept 64 SQM" is not only more affordable, but also easier to maintain.

Simple Facade Design

Facade Design

This small house has a simple design with a modern bungalow style. There is no fence, but the terrace area is protected with an iron railing. The choice of beige color and red roof is a good combination. You can also see the combination of natural stones used. And also some plants that decorate the surroundings of the house.

Many Windows

Rear View

Like a typical bungalow house, this house has many windows with varying sizes according to the needs of the room inside. Then even though it is on the side and back, the exterior of this house is still charming with 2 different paint colors.

Side Terrace


Not only the terrace in front of the house, this house also has a terrace with a wider size on the side of the house. The place beside the house will make this area feel more private. So you can relax more peacefully.

Roof Design

Roof Design

Next is the roof view for the main building. The roof with a combination pyramid model that forms a hip and valley roof. Light colors were chosen to make the facade of the house feel more colorful. This roof model is an example of a roof commonly used by bungalow houses in general.

Black Interior

Living Room

Usually in small or minimalist sized homes, it will use white as a whole to make the room feel more spacious. But don't worry because you can also use other colors, even black. Keep using white as the main color, and pay attention to the ratio, don't make the room feel more tight.

Neat Layout


Room organization is very important, especially in a small house like this. For example, this kitchen space has used the right layout. The kitchen set is arranged in a single line and the center area of the room is used for the dining room. This room is also connected to the side terrace through this sliding glass door.

Bunk Bed

Kids bedroom

In addition, the choice of furniture model is also very influential. In a small house, it will be better to choose furniture with minimalist models but still functional. For example, using a bunk bed for a child's bedroom like this. Save space and also functional. The stairs can also be used as storage drawers.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

This house consist of :

- Porch

- Living Room

- Dining and Kitchen Area

- 2 Bedroom

- 1 Bathroom

- Laundry & Storage room

- Lanai/ Terrace

To build a house like this would cost approximately 1,300,000.00 Php - 1,600,000.00 Php (26,000 - 32,000 USD). But of course this is only an estimated price for the finishing of the building only, not including lot, furniture and others. And also prices may vary depending on your area.

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Youtube Pinoy House Designs

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