13x11M Modern Amakan House with Roofdeck 3 Bedroom | Low-Budget Design

13x11M Modern Amakan House with Roofdeck 3 Bedroom 

Homlovely.com -- The amakan house design has its own characteristics that make it quite popular. A unique traditional look, how about combining it with a touch of modern home design style? For more details, check out "13x11M Modern Amakan House with Roofdeck 3 Bedroom" below!

Unique and Stylish Design

3D View of Facade

Take a look at the facade of this house which is so pretty and charming! You can see how it combines traditional style with an elegant modern touch. Beautiful wickerwork paired with natural stone. The colors chosen are also chic and soft.

Front View

Front View

The details of this house are amazing. How woven can work well in a modern facade model. You can see the use of black framed glass windows. This house is also designed to be elevated like a stilt house to make the house safer. 

Left Side View

Left View

The left side of the house is so colorful, thanks to the use of quite a lot of wicker. The appearance of the house is not boring to look at. This house also has many windows for ventilation and natural light sources.

Rear View

Rear View

This is the back side of the house, quite similar to the front side! Full of colors and textures that make the final look elegant and unique. There is quite a large space here, which can be used as a terrace and service area. This house uses sloping roofs, concrete flat roofs, and also rooftops to protect.

Right Side View

Right View

This house has a very large rooftop area. It is perfect for relaxing with your beloved family. For access, there is a spiral staircase at the front of the house, with a space-saving design. The rooftop area is also very safe with a sturdy iron railing like this.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

 This house is consist of:

- Veranda/ Terrace

- Living Room

- Dining Area, Kitchen, and Mini bar

- 3 Bedroom

- 1 Bathroom

- Dirty Kitchen and Laundry Area

- Spacious Roofdeck

To build a house like this is quite affordable, even with this size of land and the addition of a roofdeck. The estimated cost is around 1M -1.5M PHP or 21k - 31k USD. But of course, this is an estimated price for standard finishing only, and may vary depending on your area and many other factors. 

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Youtube V-Arch Design

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