Super Comfortable Tiny House Design with Mini Pool

Super Comfortable Tiny House Design with Mini Pool -- Having a comfortable dwelling with a beautiful interior may be a dream for some people. This Super Comfortable Tiny House Design with Mini Pool may be suitable for you to make a reference to build your home.


The exterior design of this house has a simple look with elegant window .The Shape of the shed roof also makes this house look beautiful. The front area you can use to build a mini pool. White color dominated this design.

Interior design

Interior design of this house has a warm and simple concept. The selection of various furniture that matches the wooden floor is the perfect combination. Placing a few chandeliers also liven up the warm atmosphere.


Going to the bedroom, there is a large mattress that does not use a cot. The room area placed in this loft has a perfect view from the window. The warm atmosphere is also still in this area.

Living area

This living area gets a lot of sunlight thanks to the large glass doors. In this area in a good minimalist design with the selection of furniture that matches and has the same theme.

Kitchen area

Not far from the living area there is a kitchen and dining area that is still with a minimalist theme. Although this area is small, but well design by placing a selecting furniture really well.

That's Super Comfortable Tiny House Design with Mini Pool. Perhaps this article inspire you to build your own house. 

Author : Devi Milania

Editor : Munawaroh

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