900 sqft Cozy Tiny House Tour - Perfect Living Space for a Small Family

 Homlovley.com - This tiny house with a single-level roof looks chic and certainly comfortable. Besides being suitable for singles, this tiny house is also perfect for small families. Especially with the concept of open space that makes residents comfortable moving and doing activities in the house.

Facade looks

The front view of this house looks simple and beautiful. The right design and also the presence of a chimney next to the house, make this house feel comfortable.

Main room

For the living room, it can be designed with open space. Besides being able to help to have a spacious residence, of course, it will also save more space.

Bedroom spot

Although it has an asymmetrical roof, this bedroom looks chic and comfortable. The exposed brick design, be it original material or imitation, still make the bedroom feel more aesthetic.

Comfortable workspace

Utilize remnant space for workspace. With the window in this area, it makes the workspace feel bright and cozy. Make sure placement the workspace table is in the right position. Which can increase your productivity.

Kitchen area

The kitchen is designed nicely with a letter L table. The cabinet in this area is perfect to make the kitchen still in neatly. Try to create windows for good ventilation and help the kitchen reduce the smoke and pollutant.

Tiny laundry spot

One of the advantages of this open space concept is that it can maximize indoor functions. Like the area under the stairs or the corner area is used for the laundry area. With the right design, it will certainly make beautiful and neat.

The floor plans

The floor plan consists of two, a ground floor and an attic or second floor. Which is the ground floor, there are the living room, kitchen, bedroom, laundry area, dining room, and bathroom. And for the attic or second floor, there is a private room, which is just a bedroom, workspace, and balcony.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Youtube Christopher Dunne

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