8 x 10 Charming and Cozy Small House Design Idea

8 x 10 Charming and Cozy Small House Design Idea

 Homlovely.com -- Having a cozy and small residence may be an option for those of you who have limited land. 8 x 10 Charming and Cozy Small House Design Idea may be your reference for building your dream home.

Rear view

The side of the house has a simple design with two medium-sized windows and an exit door. This section has no unnecessary equipment and still maintains a simple design.


The outside design has a simple look but still beautiful. The beautifully designed terrace is made into a place to relax by placing a few chairs and tables. The choice of wooden floors seems like a good idea.

Living area

This living area has an awesome chic style. The unique window design adds to the aesthetics of this area. Various unique furniture can be customized to suit your style. The combination of patterned carpet and gray floor is very suitable.

Kitchen area

Entering the kitchen area, this area is well designed with an L-shaped kitchen and the dominance of bone white color. Windows are placed in this area so that a lot of sunlight enters.


This spacious room can be filled with a large bed and chairs and tables. A large window is placed on the side of the bed. The combination of yellow and white is the right choice.

That's 8 x 10 Charming and Cozy Small House Design Idea might be a reference for your own house. Hopefully this article helps you.

Author : Devi Milania

Editor : Munawaroh

Source AVN Studio - House Design

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