60 Sqm Modern Small Bungalow House Design with 2 Bedrooms

60 Sqm Modern Small Bungalow House Design with 2 Bedrooms


Homlovely.com -- The design of the bungalow house always has an appeal. The distinctive model makes the design of the bungalow house still exist today even though it has undergone several changes towards a more contemporary appearance. The following is a bungalow design that will be a reference list for building a house that is not big but still beautiful. Check 60 Sqm Modern Small Bungalow House Design with 2 Bedrooms.




House facade design

For the appearance of the facade, the design of the bungalow house always seems to have warm and soothing vibes. The choice of white color is applied predominantly to the walls of the facade. At first glance, the design of this house has a classic touch by using black on the window and door frames. One of the other distinctive things is that it has an elevation with stairs leading to the porch, and has a porch that can be filled with several lounge chairs to enjoy the beauty of the scenery.

Roof design

Then for the roof design, this house combines several models to make it look more dimensional. Some of the models used include gables and pyramids. The selection of more vibrant colors is able to balance the dominant white walls on the facade so that the house has a fresher look.


Living area design

Let's see the interior of this beautiful bungalow house. When entering the front door, there is a living room that is not too big in size but looks comfortable. Not only comfortable, this guest area is also well decorated so as to give a beautiful and not monotonous appearance. The surrounding windows also work well to create a more spacious and bright impression.


Kitchen and dining area design

Apart from the living area, there is also a dining area and a kitchen, which as a whole, this room has no partitions to maximize air circulation. The dining table and kitchen set furniture are chosen in a simple style to create a cleaner and tidier impression. The dimensional ceiling design makes the room look more attractive.



Floor plan design

For a size of 6 x 10 meters, this house design has several rooms such as a living area, dining area, kitchen, laundry area, public bathroom, master bathroom, study space, and 2 bedrooms. See floor plan details and sizes in the image above.

Author    : Hafidza
Editor     : Munawaroh
Source   : D'House of Arts


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