6 x 8 M Small House Design Idea with 2 Bedroom and Floor Plan

Homlovely.com -- Here is a minimalist style house design idea with a small size that has 2 bedrooms for the owners.  This is the perfect home design for those of you who like homes with exteriors that don't have a lot of details so they look clean. Even with a size of 6 x 8 M, it may not be able to provide a comfortable room if not designed properly. The following are design ideas with a size of 6 x 8 meters that you can use as inspiration. Check out Pleasant 6 x 8 M Small House Design Idea with 2 Bedroom and Floor Plan.

House facade design

Let's start looking at the details from the facade first. As explained earlier, this house design appears in a simple style with not many details, making it look clean and neat. The shed roof design is also very suitable to be combined with this minimalist style house design.

Laundry area design

At the back of the house, there is an additional area that makes this house design still feel functional. This additional area is a laundry area that is also equipped with a cabinet for additional storage and allows the owner to find items more easily when washing. To keep it shaded, it would be perfect to add a roof.


Floor plan design

Before we start looking at the interior design details, let's take a look at the floor plan first. With a size of 6 x 8 meters, this house design is equipped with several rooms such as a living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, and laundry area. See the details in the picture above.

Living room design

Entering the interior, the first thing you see when opening the door is the living area. This area is not too spacious, but with the addition of large windows, it is able to incorporate light more optimally so that the room feels bigger and brighter. This living area also has a partition that was chosen to be slightly open to make the room seem more flexible.


Dining area and kitchen design

For other areas, the kitchen and dining area are close together. Overall, this area is more dominant with white colors that can spread light better, making the room look fresher and less stuffy. The kitchen set is also arranged linearly, leaving plenty of space for the dining table and other access. In addition, this area is also equipped with glass doors that make the owner will never feel bored with the bright outdoor view.





Author    : Hafidza
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