20 Sqm One Storey Small House Design with Stylish Roof Deck

Homlovely.com -- The following house designs are small in size but have attractive exteriors and impressive interiors. With a small size, this house design has a lower cost. The design can estimate the layout and appearance of the house to be built. For the design details, check out 20 Sqm One Storey Small House Design with Stylish Roof Deck.

House facade design

Let's start from the facade details first. This facade model has a minimalist look with natural color selection. There is a deck that makes this house have elevation which is a beneficial feature for the house. In addition, an interesting detail of this house design is the roof deck that has a railing. This roof deck can be accessed using a spiral railing on the side of the house.

Floor plan design

For the floor plan, you can see the details of this 20 sqm house design in the picture above. There is a cozy porch, living area, kitchen, dining area, bathroom, and bedroom. This small house has a smart layout that maximizes the comfort of the owner.

Living room design

This is a view of the interior of this small house. There is a small living room that is still presented comfortably. This living room area is also made as if it is integrated with the porch because of its glass windows. The spacious porch is also an additional functional area for the owner.

Kitchen design

Not far from the living room, there is a simple yet beautiful kitchen and dining table. The dining area has a small table facing the window with an impressive view. As for the kitchen design, the simple kitchen set model looks stunning with pastel green color. The patterned backsplash is a touch that makes the kitchen area look elegant.



Bedroom design

This is the design of the only bedroom in this small house. The size is not too big, but the smart arrangement and selection of the right furniture design can provide comfort for the owner. Add some decorations on the wall to keep it interesting and space saving.






Author    : Hafidza
Editor     : Munawaroh
Source   : Philein Budget House


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