2 Bedrooms 2-Storey House Design with COURTYARD

2 Bedrooms 2-Storey House Design with COURTYARD

Homlovely.com -- Having a comfortable and small residence may be an option for those of you who have limited land. 2 Bedrooms 2-Storey House Design with COURTYARD may be your reference to build your dream home.


This two-storey house Design has a trendy and luxurious design with a spacious terrace to park private vehicles. This exterior design has a unique and beautiful look.

Interior design

Interior design of this house has a chic style with a unique division of the room. This area uses an industrial touch that can be seen from the walls that are still raw. Has a wide glass door bulkhead to go to other areas.


Not far from area living, there is a courtyard. inner courtyard can be interpreted as an open space with a size that is not so large in the middle of the interior of the House. Courtyards can provide a more spacious feel at home. Not only that, more sunlight will enter the House.

Kitchen and dining area

The area next to the courtyard there is a kitchen and living area that is uniquely designed by placing a unique chandelier. Unique and beautiful design is the main look in this area.


Going to the bedroom, there is a large bed, chair, table and wardrobe. This area is designed with various luxury fancy furniture. The combination of those various furniture is the right idea.

That's 2 Bedrooms 2-Storey House Design with COURTYARD. Perhaps this article inspire you to build your own house. 

Author : Devi Milania

Editor : Munawaroh

Source RG Sebastian Builders

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