128 Sqm Bungalow House Design with 4 Cozy Bedrooms

Homlovely.com -- Having a spacious house is certainly more comfortable for families. If you have more budget to build a house, this design might be suitable. With a size of 128 sqm, this house design has 4 bedrooms that will be a pleasant facility for the family. For details, check out 128 Sqm Bungalow House Design with 4 Cozy Bedrooms.

House facade design

The design of this house has a calming look using a typical bungalow style with a sturdy building structure. In addition, the porch area is also made with an elevation design that makes it safe and cleaner. To get to the porch, there is a small staircase with a railing that blends into the porch area.

Living room design

For the interior details, let's take a look at the front room, the living room. This room has the right size and can be filled with several pieces of furniture such as a sofa and also vertical shelves for storage. The living room also has a large window that makes the room look more spacious. Additional curtains will keep the room shaded.

Kitchen and dining area design

For the next area, there is the dining area and kitchen, which occupy a small but cozy space. The kitchen is placed in a corner area with a U-shaped kitchen set that makes activities in the kitchen more efficient. As for the dining area, it is in a more relaxed area with large glass doors that will present an interesting view during breakfast.

Bedroom design

The 4 bedrooms that this house has will certainly make the owner happier because the child can have their own private area. For one of the bedroom designs, the slatted wall design gives a stylish and warm impression. The owner can add LEDs around it to make it more stunning.

Floor plan design

For the size details, this house design has a size of 9.85 x 11 meters which is quite spacious so that it can present 4 comfortable bedrooms. In addition, there are also several other areas such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry area. See the floor plan and size in the picture above.





Author    : Hafidza
Editor     : Munawaroh
Source   : Stacked Panda


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