10 x 11 M Simple Yet Modern House Design 3 Bedroom with Cozy Backyard

10 x 11 M Simple Yet Modern House Design 3 Bedroom with Cozy Backyard 

Homlovely.com -- To make the facade of a house look attractive, you don't always have to use complicated designs with many combinations. Nowadays, simple minimalist designs are becoming very popular with their simplicity. "10 x 11 M Simple Yet Modern House Design 3 Bedroom with Cozy Backyard" is one example of a simple but charming design, let's check it out!

Simple Yet Modern Design

Front View

The simple facade design has its own charm and has become quite popular in recent times. This house has a simple design with white color and a little touch of natural stone. The spacious terrace complete with a carport and green surroundings make this house even more homey!

Left Side View

Left Side View

From the left side, we can see a secure carport with an additional canopy. There is also a door on this side. Complete with several windows.

Rear View

Rear View

The back of the house also has a simple design like on the left side. At the back of the house there is a large remaining land. Which can then be used as this cozy backyard.

Right Side View

Right side View

Not only at the front, this house also has a terrace at the back. The size is smaller, but still comfortable because it faces the backyard of the house. From this right side, we can see a little bit of both terraces. 

Roof Design

Roof Design

For the roof of the main building, this house uses a large roof with a combination pyramid model. Or commonly referred to as hip and valley roof. With this model, the facade of the house becomes more dimensional and seems classic but also modern. 

Cozy Backyard


Leftover land is transformed into a cozy backyard like this. A neat arrangement with additional paving blocks to make it more comfortable. The addition of concrete and wooden seating is perfect for relaxing, small parties, or just playing with the kids. 

Floor Plan and Estimated Cost

Floor Plan

This minimalist house is built on a 10x11 meter land. With the right and neat arrangement, this house even has the remaining land around the house which can then become a green spot and minimalist garden. This house has complete facilities for a family, with 3 bedrooms. 

Then if you are interested in this house, it will require an estimated cost of around 1,515,000 Php or 30,300 USD. But of course, this is the estimated cost for construction finishing only, and prices may vary depending on your area.

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Youtube Stacked Panda

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