Stunning Simple House Design 8 x 9 M with Shed Roof and Deck -- Having a functional home is of course liked by anyone. However, sometimes small size becomes an obstacle when you want to have a functional area at home. This is a home design idea with the addition of a functional deck that you can emulate. Check Stunning Simple House Design 8 x 9 M with Shed Roof and Deck.

House facade design

The facade of this house has a bungalow style which has a distinctive appearance. There is a higher part of the house and another lower part. This is able to provide details that make the house look more dimensional and able to create a creative impression. Also, wall details that are made with a more prominent texture look amazing when combined with wall lights.

Rear view

The appearance of the back of this house has a simpler look with the selection of colors that match the front facade. In addition, the corner is made open as a service area which has a fresher atmosphere and doesn't feel stuffy.

Roof design

The roof is an important element for the house. In this house design, there is a shed roof that looks simple but functions very well to cover the building. There are parts that are designed to be large and other parts that are designed to be smaller by adjusting each spot they have.

Deck design

Apart from just a roof, the design of this house also has a deck area that can be used as a comfortable area to relax. Access to this deck is a small staircase with a beautiful spiral shape and is kept safe by using a railing that matches the deck. Additional sofas or bean bags will make this area a family favorite.

Floor plan design

For a size of 8 x 9 meters, this house has a complete room with a well-conceived arrangement. There is a living room, dining room, kitchen. Then, the other part is used as a bedroom area totaling 3, and also a bathroom. What's interesting is that there is a laundry area that is placed in the back outdoor area with fresh air.

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Editor      : Munawaroh
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