Small House Design 40m with 2 Bedrooms


Small House Design 40m with 2 Bedrooms -- A small house with an area of 40m2 can accommodate 2 bedrooms. If you're looking for a minimalist home design with 2 bedrooms, this could be the one!

House facade design

From the outside, it appears to be a simple house. The seat arrangement in front of the house makes good use of the available flor space. This home is dominated by light brown and whiter colors. Different kinds of plants can also be set around the page.

The main room

The interior of the room is predominantly white, make the house look larger with the kitchen and dining room. Despite it has a small size, this land is well utilized. The use of small, elegant furniture make house more comfortable. Several windows facing out provide natural lighting, causing more light to enter.

The main bedroom

The first room has minimalist space with a mediun-sized gray bed, two main vents from the window, and a large wardrobe in complementary colors.

The second bedroom

The second bedroom looks similar to the first bedroom with a medium bed, two large windows, and a closet. White dominates the bedroom as well, 

The bathroom

The bathroom between the bedrooms is also predominantly white, to appear fresh an clean look. There is a toilet, shower, and sink. Despite it has smaller land, this room looks luxurious and organized due to the various arrangements and good furniture.

This type of house is perfect for those looking for an ideal house for a tiny lot but still wanting a lovely and relaxing house.

Author     : Devi Milania
Editor       : Munawaroh
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