Simple House Design Idea with Cozy Bedroom Bungalow (44.8 sqm) -- A comfortable home, of course, will be very liked by those who occupy it. The following is a small home design idea that is suitable for couples. With a low budget, this small house design is easier to implement. For details on the design and plans, check Simple House Design Idea with Cozy Bedroom Bungalow (44.8 sqm).

House facade design

As for the appearance of the facade, the design of this house has a distinctive bungalow style with the main roof of the pyramid and the gable for the porch. The choice of bright colors can give a fresher and neater impression on the exterior of the house. It would be more fun if the owner added a fresh garden in the surrounding yard.

Floor plan design

Before looking at the interior in more detail, let's look at the floor plan first. With a size of 6.8 x 6.6 meters, the design of this house has several rooms in it such as a living room, a bar that is used as a dining table, kitchen, service area, bathroom and bedroom. For detailed plans and sizes, check the image above.

Small living room design

Now let's look at the interior. This home design has a small living room and has a sofa placed in the corner of the room. There are large windows in the corners of the room which make the house feel more spacious and fresh. Some plants will be the perfect decoration for this small living room.

Kitchen and dining table design

As for other areas not far from the living room, there is a small bar and kitchen table but still looks stylish. This bar table is used as a dining table so that the owner can more easily prepare dishes because of the close proximity.

Bedroom design

Having only one bedroom, the design of this house is just the right size and not too cramped. Several large windows are also visible on some parts of the walls. Owners can enjoy rest with comfortable air because air circulation still makes the room feel fresh and not stuffy.





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