Simple House Design 55 SQM with 2 Bedroom (SHED ROOF TYPE) -- The design of a small house with a shed roof model is also being sought after because it has a simple appearance and has a faster and easier construction. The idea this time is a house design that has a simple appearance with 2 comfortable bedrooms for families to live in. For details on the design and plans, check Simple House Design 55 SQM with 2 Bedroom (SHED ROOF TYPE).



 House facade design

The facade design of this house has a minimalist home model that doesn't have excessive detail on the exterior. What catches the attention of this small house is the design of the shed roof it has. The dimensional arrangement of the roof makes the look fresher and less boring. This will be very suitable when combined with a simple home model like the picture above.



 Floor plan design

For a size of 55 Sqm, the design of this house has quite comfortable facilities such as a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and also 2 bedrooms. One bedroom for parents and another bedroom for children. The floor plan of this house also looks like it doesn't have excessive partitions so it gives a space that feels spacious even though it's actually small.

Living room design

When you first enter the house, there is a living room that can be seen from the sofa arranged by the window and facing the television mounted on the wall along with the small cabinet. This living room seems to have maximum ventilation so that the owner still has good air quality and maximizes comfort.

Kitchen and dining area

For the next area there is a dining room and kitchen. These two areas are made close together so that the owner is more time efficient when preparing dishes. The kitchen area also has a functional bar table. Besides being able to be used to enjoy a cup of coffee, this area can also be used as a partition so that you can do your activities in the kitchen more optimally.

Bedroom design with bunk bed

For the last area is the child's bedroom. One bedroom can be occupied by 2 children by adding a bunk bed. The rest of the space can be used as a cabinet or study table for children's facilities. Don't forget the presence of a window which is very important for the best comfort for children with healthy and ideal air.






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