Cozy and Elegant Small House Design Idea with 2 Bedrooms

Cozy and Elegant Small House Design Idea with 2 Bedrooms -- Having a comfortable and elegant home may be a dream for some people. Cozy and Elegant Small House Design Idea with 2 Bedrooms can be used as a reference to build your dream home.


The outside design of the house has a beautiful and charming look with a small fence accent. If you like simple but elegant home designs, maybe you can apply this to your home.

Living area

The living room looks very cozy with wooden floors that make the house even warmer. The selection of various beautiful interiors seems to successfully spoil the eyes. The wall around the TV can also be made into a bookshelf and various decorations and equipment.

Kitchen area

Not far from the living room, there is a kitchen area that is designed with minimalism and beauty. Simple yet elegant is the key to this area. Making the kitchen with the same theme as the floor is the right idea.

Bedroom 1

The first bedroom has a white color dominance. This area can be filled with 1 large bed and several chairs. You can also install a small window in this area. 

Bedroom 2

The second bedroom is still dominated by white with beautiful patterned wall accents. You can also place some of your favorite furniture. Adding a rug under the bed is also a good idea, making this room even more comfortable.

That's Cozy and Elegant Small House Design Idea with 2 Bedrooms. Hopefully this article can be your reference to build your dream house.

Author : Devi Milania

Editor : Munawaroh

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