Cozy and Comfortable 7 x7 m Small House Design Idea

Cozy and Comfortable 7 x7 m Small House Design Idea --  Having a cozy and comfortable house with an area of 7 x 7 m is everyone's dream. For those of you who are looking for a house design for your 7 x 7 m land, maybe Cozy and Comfortable 7 x7 m Small House Design Idea is for you.


The exterior design of the house has a fancy and unique impression with a second floor design that steals the attention. Large windows on the second floor characterize this design. Using simple pastel colors is the right idea to apply in this home design.

Living area

Entering the living room, it is presented with a design that looks comfortable and beautiful. The right arrangement of furniture for an area of 7 x 7 seems to be successful. Wooden floors combined with matching color furniture make house feel  homey.


Not far from the living room, there is the kitchen. This area has a relatively smaller area. Although it has a small space, this area can accommodate a complete kitchen set and dining table. Giving a motif on the kitchen wall seems to be successful in giving a gorgeous impression.

Second floor

Heading upstairs is the master bedroom. With a unique roof shape, this room has a different look. Thanks to the large window on the second floor that become source of light and ventilation.

Floor plan

Having a land area of 7 x 7 m, this house design has all the needs of the house such as

- Master bedroom

- Living arae

- Kitchen area

- Bathroom

That's Cozy and Comfortable 7 x7 m Small House Design Idea, hopefully this design can be your reference for building your dream house.

Author : Devi Milania

Editor : Munawaroh

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