82sqm Modern Bungalow House Design Idea With Attic


82sqm Modern Bungalow House Design Idea With Attic 

Homlovely.com -- A home design with an attic model can be a classic, nostalgic home option. From the outside, this house looks classic with a modern bungalow style. The following "82sqm Modern Bungalow House Design Idea With Attic" can be an inspiration. Let's check it out!

Front View

Front View

The bungalow style characterizes this house. It has a spacious terrace, with one of the terrace foundations elevated and canopied, while the other terrace looks more open. The facade is simple with neutral colors and earthy tones but feels comfortable.

Right Side View

Right Side View

The right side of the house, with its prominent black secondary skin, makes a contrast on this side of the house. There is also an air vent with a wire mesh at the top of the house. This is to prevent insects from entering. You can also see the rear of the house, which shows a simple side.

Left Side View

Left Side View

The left side of the house appears more dimensional, thanks to the many windows. Windows of varying sizes bring a cool and fresh atmosphere to the inside of the house. From here, it also appears that the house uses a simple and affordable gable roof design.

Attic Room

Attic Room

This spacious attic room provides an additional large area inside the house. It does not feel cramped due to the high roof design, and does not use additional ceilings. Additional sofas and bean bags to make the area more comfortable. In addition, this attic area also functions as a workspace. 

Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

This house has the following facility size details:

Ground Floor: 54 Sqm

Attic Floor: 28 Sqm

Living Area: 14 Sqm

Kitchen & Dining Area: 9 Sqm

Bedroom 1 : 7.8 Sqm

Bedroom 2: 7 Sqm

Bedroom 3 : 8 Sqm

Porch : 9.4 Sqm

Balcony : 6.6 Sqm

Dirty Kitchen : 3.3 Sqm

Attic Floor

The 3-bedroom house makes it ideal for a family. The arrangement of other main facilities such as the living room, dining room and kitchen is open space. The layout of the room is neat and optimal. This house itself approximately requires an Estimated Cost of +-1.3M php (basic Finish), but of course costs may vary depending on your region.

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

Source Philein BudgetHomes

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