8 x 12 M Bungalow House Design with Roof Deck and 3 Bedroom

Homlovely.com -- Houses with a minimalist style combined with a bungalow style with a deck are now being admired. This house model has distinctive details that make it look eye-catching. For design details that you can use as inspiration if you like the minimalist style of this bungalow, check 8 x 12 M Bungalow House Design with Roof Deck and 3 Bedroom.




House facade design

The beautiful facade design makes this house look impressive with minimalist details that will make it timeless. The design of this house is also equipped with a roof deck that can be utilized properly by the owner as a functional area. Additional railings as well as a spiral staircase leading to the deck add a beautiful touch to the exterior of the house.

Living room design

Let's look at the interior details that this house design has. Let's start from the living room first. The dominant white color makes the room look very spacious and bright. In this living room it is estimated that it can be filled with a medium-sized sofa and can be equipped with storage and a television placed on the wall to make it more compact. In addition, the addition of a chandelier makes this living room look even more impressive.

Dining room and kitchen design

This next area is the dining room and kitchen adjacent to the living room. The absence of a partition is able to give a view that feels spacious and not stuffy. This area also has large glass doors and windows that are able to provide maximum lighting and air circulation.

Bedroom design

Let's move on to the bedroom. This bedroom design with a size that is too wide looks very comfortable. Again, because white plays an important role in the appearance of the room. So that it doesn't feel boring, adding some decorations on the walls or air purifying plants is perfect for this bedroom.

Floor plan design

Apart from just the interior and exterior details, the plan design is also very important for building a house. For the size of 8 x 12 meters there are several rooms such as a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and 3 bedrooms. In addition, what's interesting about the design of this house is the roof deck which is perfect for a relaxing area. For detailed plans and sizes, check the image above.

Author     : Hafidza
Editor      : Munawaroh
Source    : Neko Architecth

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