7 x 7 M Unique House Design with Interesting Details (2 Bedroom)

Homlovely.com -- In addition to comfort in the interior of the house, designing an attractive exterior will of course make the house look more beautiful and eye-catching. For example, in this one home design, the model of a house with a deck roof looks very functional. For detailed plans that you can follow, check 7 x 7 M Unique House Design with Interesting Details (2 Bedrooms).

House facade design

This house design has a facade that looks unique and attractive with a box model that looks like a large cube. From the front, it looks like it has detailed walls that have a variety of colors and textures so it doesn't look monotonous and boring. On the side, there is an open space equipped with a railing as an outdoor living room or as a space for relaxing with fresh air.

Roof deck design

When viewed from the side, the design of this house looks like it has lots of ventilation which allows light and air to enter more optimally, so that even the size of a small house is not too much of a problem. Apart from that, there is also a staircase with a spiral design that is used as access to the roof deck when you want to relax with a more attractive view.

Living room design

For the appearance of the living room, the size that is not too wide is put to very good use with clever arrangements and impressive decoration details. In the living room there are several storage that are made attached to the wall so that the rest of the space will still be comfortable and feel spacious.

Bedroom design

This house design has 2 bedrooms and this is one of the designs. This bedroom has several pieces of furniture that look organized. The large window in this bedroom will help rule out the small size of the room because more air and light enters.

Kitchen and laundry area

For other areas of this home design, there is a kitchen and laundry area which are made close together and have no partitions so as to give the effect of a larger room. This space has a bright color that is perfect when combined with the large windows that surround it. In order not to look boring, the owner can add some medium-sized plants around it.





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