63 SQM Elegant Bungalow House Design Ideas - 3 Bedroom

63 SQM Elegant Bungalow House Design Ideas - 3 Bedroom 

Homlovely.com -- Selection of home design becomes one of the very important things to leave the impression of your home. A house that has a special features can make the house more special and easily recognizable. "63 SQM Elegant Bungalow House Design Ideas - 3 Bedroom"here is an example of a house with a unique design and its own characteristics.

Elegant Facade Design

Facade Design

Not only has a beautiful appearance, this house also seems to have characteristics that make it different and unique. The terrace of the house is right in the middle, with a brown design and a prominent shape, compared to the white left and right. Two pillars with a gable roof make the area solid, but also shady.

Small Porch in The Back

Rear View

In addition to a beautiful front porch, this house also has a small terrace at the back of the House. Smaller size but with similar design. From here we can also see this house has many windows that surround the house, both in front, behind, to both sides of the house.

Earthy Tone

Exterior Design

Warm earthy tones decorate this house well. The exterior looks elegant and luxurious with a combination of natural stone finishing that used for the terrace. The classic atmosphere is also felt, very suitable for this house. The combination of brown produced by natural stone, blends perfectly with white and beige, supported by a matching grid window model.

Modern Interior


Unlike the exterior of the house, the inside of this interior looks more luxurious and modern. Still with earthy color tones that seem to decorate the room. Starting from the selection of furniture, models, to the arrangement and also the decoration looks perfect. The selection of white lamps is used for the main lighting of the room.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

The House has the following Facility details :

Front Porch : 3.2 x 1.2 meter

Living Area : 3 x 3 meter

Storage, Dining & Kitchen Area : 3.2 x 7 meter

Bedroom 1 : 3 x 2.35 meter

Bedroom 2 : 3 x 3.45, with Bathroom : 2 x 1.2 meter

Bedroom 3 : 3 x 2.35 meter

Common Bathroom : 1.75 x 1.65 meter

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