6 x 8 meters Small House Design with Roof Deck

Homlovely.com -- Is it possible to build a beautiful and comfortable house on a 6 x 8 meter plot of land? This is certainly not an easy thing but it is very possible to realize. The following is a home design idea for a size of 6 x 8 meters that is comfortable for families. See the design details and floor plans below. Check 6 x 8 meters Small House Design with Roof Deck.

House facade design

The design of this house displays an attractive facade because it has an interesting feature in the form of a roof deck which is perfect for adding function to a small house. This deck area looks safe by having a minimalist railing with the same color as the spiral staircase. This deck is right there as the roof porch of this small house.

Living room design

Entering the inside of the house, there is a living room with a spacious look because the size is made higher so that it looks brighter. Besides having large windows around it, this living room also has ventilation which will maximize the light entering the room. For other interior details, the slatted wall model is a modern detail that can be completely copied.

Dining and kitchen

Apart from the living room, there is a dining area and a kitchen which have a matching interior style. The color of the wood is the look that makes this small house have a strong character. Without any decorative details, the wood pattern on this piece of furniture is enough to make the room feel more alive.

Bedroom design

Don't let your small house have an ordinary interior. Use a stylish modern design, including in the bedroom. Small room magic has an atmosphere like you are in a staycation at a five-star hotel. Decorations such as large paintings and LED strips are details that will turn your small space into a classier one.




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