5 x 6 m Minimalist House Design for Couple


5 x 6 m Minimalist House Design for Couple

Homlovely.com -- A 5x6 plan of land can be transformed into a small house design with a traditional and comfortable interior. This home design contains a living room with the kitchen, a bedroom with a large space for a table and wardrobe, and a minimalist bathroom. For more detail about 5x6m Minimalist House Design you can see below!

The front

The design is simple and minimalist from the outside, with a flower garden decoration. An enormous garden is a highlight for this style of home. This design is perfect for large settlements that require a lot of fresh air. The raw-looking walls make the area feel cozier.

Living room and kitchen design

Still has a simple, homey feel towards it. The main room includes a living room with a TV, a tiny table, and a long sofa to make it more relaxing. On the other hand, a minimalist kitchen combines harmoniously with the living area. The dining table, considered a kitchen requirement. The main room gets natural light through three windows.

Bedroom design

Step into the bedroom, which has a clean and neat look. A queen-size bed with a table built into the wall and a large closet add to the room's sophistication. This room has two primary vents from the window that go straight out.

 Bathroom design

The final room is the bathroom, which is located right next to the bedroom. Although it seems small, the primary elements of the bathroom are the shower, sink, and closet. This bathroom design is highlighted by white and black colors, which makes the room look bigger as well as cozy.

Even though, the house is tiny it has all the necessary components. This design is perfect for people who do not have a lot of land for a house but still are interested in living comfortably.

Author      : Devi M

Editor       : Hafidza

Source     : Blue Chip Design

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