3 x 6 M Two-Storey House Design Ideas for Limited Space

Homlovely.com -- 2-storey house, apart from looking expensive, is also very suitable for many people who have problems with limited land. By building a 2-storey house, the house still has comfortable facilities and makes the owner feel more satisfied. The following is a small 2-storey house design idea that you can follow. Check 3 x 6 M Two-Storey House Design Ideas for Limited Space.



House facade design

 The facade design of this house has a simple appearance with the application of colors that are not too excessive so that it looks clean and elegant. Apart from the white color which looks dominant, it also has touches of other colors such as wood on the door and window frames, the texture of natural stone on the exterior walls which makes it look fresher and not monotonous.



Roof design

This house design also has a facade design that looks simple and neat using a flat roof model that is installed with a slight slope to maximize its function. Apart from that, the back area of this house also has a small porch which also has a roof which keeps it shady and comfortable.

Living room design

For details on the interior appearance, the design of this house has a minimalist look and is very suitable to be combined with the small size it has. In the first area after opening the front door, there is a living room and dining table that are made close together. The furniture is also chosen with a size that is not too big so that the room still has a comfortable remaining space.

Kitchen design

Then, to the back there is a kitchen with a small kitchen set that is arranged linearly. There is a kitchen table and wall cabinet that looks simple but can function very well in the small space it has. This area also has a back door which maximizes air circulation and doesn't make this small kitchen feel stuffy.



Floor plan design

For a size of 3 x 6 meters, a 2-storey house design is the perfect choice. There are several rooms such as a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and a cool balcony to relax. See size and plan in more detail in the image above. 

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