2-Storey House Design with Perfect 4 Bedroom


Homlovely.com -- Having facilities that are comfortable for families will certainly be appreciated. This time it is a 2-storey house design idea equipped with 4 bedrooms that will make the family have the best privacy area. For detailed designs and floor plans, check out 2-Storey House Design with Perfect 4 Bedroom.

House facade design

The facade design of this house has a distinctive tropical look with natural stones on some of the walls for a fresh touch. Not only that, there are warm wood colors when combined with the wall lights. For a more elegant touch, there are glass parts applied to the windows and railings.

Roof design

For the roof design, this house uses a pyramid roof model that is made single and combined with a little flat roof that can be used to place a water tank. This roof design makes the house look like it has a difficult structure and is able to adjust the temperature inside the house according to the weather.

Floor plan design

This house design has a section of rooms that are comfortable for the owner. Several family rooms are presented to increase closeness and become a space that will create many beautiful memories with the family. For the first floor plan and the second floor can be seen in the picture above.

First floor plan

Measuring 8 x 14 meters, this house design has several rooms on the first floor area. There is a living room that is made open without a partition with the family room. At the back there is a dining room and kitchen. In addition, there are several other rooms such as 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry area, pray room, and a small indoor garden.

Second floor design

As for the second floor, there are only a few rooms such as 2 other bedrooms, a bathroom, and also a more private family room. The second floor is also equipped with a balcony that will be perfect for enjoying the view in the morning.

See the size details in the picture above.





Author     : Hafidza
Editor      : Munawaroh
Source    : Archiputra Desain

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