120 Sqm Stylish Nordic Muji House Design with Best Deck


Homlovely.com -- Nordic design homes are favored for their simple look but eye-catching details. However, this idea not only presents a Nordic house design but also combines it with a clean and bright Muji style. For details that you can see, check 120 Sqm Stylish Nordic Muji House Design with Best Deck.

Front exterior

For the front exterior appearance or facade, Nordic design looks so real with the building model made tall and distinctive shapes. In addition to having high building dimensions, there are also half-story buildings that have a muji style that looks simple but also has distinctive details such as arches on the frame and also roster walls that make the house look stylish.

Simple but entertaining details

For other exterior details, there is glass that dominates the walls of the facade of the house so that it can make the appearance look more modern and allow more light to enter which makes the room feel spacious and not damp. Apart from that, the Muji area also has a small porch equipped with a railing so it is safe from animals and dust. Additional cushioning will make this small porch the best space to relax.

Additional deck

For the muji area, the half-story building has a deck that adds function. The railing applied also has a minimalist design with colors that match the overall exterior. The owner can add some wooden chairs that perfectly match the style of the house.

Roof design

The gable roof design is very common for nordic style homes. With the right slope, the roof will work very well to drain rainwater thereby minimizing leakage. In addition to the details of the roof, the design of this house also looks to have ventilation in a unique and beautiful shape.

Floor plan design

This 120 sqm house design has unique and interesting building dimensions. With this size and design, there are several rooms such as a spacious living room, 3 bathrooms, and 2 bedrooms. See the floor plan example in the picture above.




 Author    : Hafidza
Editor      : Munawaroh
Source    :  MB Design

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