Small Modern Bungalow House Design (7.8 x 11 M) with 3 Bedroom -- Bungalow-style houses do seem old-fashioned and unattractive. However, who would have thought that the design of the bungalow house is very popular and popular until now. Of course, this is also due to the design that has been developed with a contemporary touch that makes the owner feel confident about the details of the house he has. For contemporary bungalow house design ideas that you can use as a reference, check Small Modern Bungalow House Design (7.8 x 11 M) with 3 Bedrooms.



House facade design

This facade design has a look that seems to have the characteristics of the bungalow buildings that many like. However, the combination of modern touches still looks very harmonious and gives a high aesthetic value to the appearance of the house. Besides having the right color selection, details such as the additional lattice on the porch also make it look more creative. Apart from that, the design of this house also has a common roof model, namely a sloping installation which has 2 planes.

In addition, what makes the design of this small bungalow house look more modern is the presence of a glass window in the corner of the building. Even though it's simple, it's a powerful touch to show the modern side of this home design. It would be perfect when adding lush plants near the exterior walls of this house.

Interior design

The interior design of this house also applies a more contemporary concept by removing partitions and making the room an open space. In this room there is a living room, dining room and kitchen. For the living room design, there is a large sofa decorated with large abstract paintings. Apart from that, the addition of a slatted wall is also a modern touch for this living room.

Dining room and kitchen

As for the design of the dining room and kitchen, it also looks modern by using furniture that has a simple design so that the room looks neat and clean. The kitchen design with the dominant selection of white seems to camouflage against the wall which makes it look spacious and bright. Large windows are also able to provide maximum light and create the best air circulation for the kitchen and the surrounding rooms.

Floor plan design

This is a detail of the floor plan and dimensions for each room in this house design. There is a living room with a size of 11 sqm, a dining room and kitchen with a size of 11 sqm, the first bedroom with a size of 9 sqm, a second bedroom with a size of 11 sqm, a third bedroom with a size of 9 sqm, the first bathroom with a size of 4 sqm, a bedroom a second bath with a size of 3 sqm, and a laundry area with a size of 6 sqm.






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