Small House Design with 2 Bedrooms and Balcony (5x6 Meters) -- A tiny house but with an appealing design and full functionality. It's available in this 5-by-6-meter tiny house design. It has an attractive front porch and upper balcony. You will also get two bedrooms, making it ideal for small families. The loft style elevates this small house to next level and should be considered when designing a stylish small house.

This is a Small House Design with 2 Bedrooms and Balcony (5x6 Meters).

Attractive exterior design

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This house's facade is elegant and minimalist. The house is decorated in neutral and light color with eye-catching details, creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The exterior look dynamic with slate stone on the walls and secondary skin that adds dimension to the house. The porch is beautifully framed with railings that complement the house's exterior design so well.

The exterior walkthrough

From the outside, the house appears to be well-designed. It has a front porch with a small garden in front of it, as well as a balcony. The presence of a balcony makes this house design not look mainstream; it gives the impression of a home that considers the owner's need for a pleasant outdoor space.

Nice living room design

© Azura Raisya Medina

This living room has a modern design. It features a sofa in gray that matches the exposed red-brick style wall next to it. The red-brick walls works as a focal point in this living room. The sofa faces the TV section that serves as the entertainment media for the family in this small house design.

Kitchen and dining space design

The kitchen and dining area are located directly behind the TV section. The kitchen has a simple L-shaped layout with a tile backsplash in a repeating hexagonal pattern that gives it a lively appearance. The dining area is also set up in an L-shape; the L-shaped dining table is large enough to put 4 chairs underneath, making the space less crowded.

The bedroom design ideas

© Azura Raisya Medina

This house has two bedrooms. One is on the first floor, and other is on the upper/loft floor. This bedroom has shades of gray that blend well with fine wood in the wardrobe, floor tiles, and window frames. The combo of arrangement and color gives a calming atmosphere for anyone who sleeps in this bedroom.

The upper bedroom

The upper floor is devoted to this bedroom. It connects to the balcony area, making it a bedroom with special features. This bedroom has a diamond-green shade which is the contrast here. A strong railing was installed to avoid unwanted things here.

The floor plan reference

© Azura Raisya Medina

This house is 5.00 m x 6.00 m, and consists of a living space (living room, dining area, and kitchen) of 3.35 m x 6.000 m, a bathroom of 1.65 m x 1.57 m, a bedroom of 2.44 m x 2.94 m, and the upper bedroom and balcony.

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