Small House Design Ideas for Low Budget -- The increasingly expensive prices of goods make many people worry, including when they want to build a house. However, several choices need to be made, one of which is to build a small house which is of course cheaper. Even if it's cheap, don't let it look ordinary. The following is a small home design idea that you can use as inspiration. Check Small House Design Ideas for Low Budget.

House facade design

The appearance of the facade applies a modern minimalist model using soft color choices and makes it look clean and tidy. The facade design of this house also has exterior details that make it not look monotonous. There is a trim on the wall which creates a more interesting dimension.

Roof design

As for the roof design, this small house uses a flat roof model that uses a slanted installation so that water can flow properly when it rains and minimizes leaks. Apart from the main roof, the design of this house also has a porch roof which gives a variation to the appearance of this house design.



Rear view

For the back, the design of this house has an interesting detail. There is a small staircase at the back door which adds function to this small house. The existence of this small ladder is added because the house has a higher elevation so that it is safe when it rains and stays clean. The back door can also be used as an access option to enter the house.

Dining area design

This is an example of the interior that is owned by this house design. At the front there is the living room, then the dining room, and at the very back is the kitchen. For the design of the dining room, it is made simple by only filling in a few chairs and tables that have a minimalist design so that it still gives a relieved impression to the room.

Kitchen design

Then for the kitchen design, a simple kitchen set model with a small size is perfect for filling this area. The choice of a variety of colors also makes the owner not feel bored while on the move in it. In addition, so that it is not stuffy, there are also large windows for air and light circulation.



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