2 Storey Modern House Design 6 x 7 M with 3 Bedrooms


2 Storey Modern House Design 6 x 7 M with 3 Bedrooms

Homlovely.com -- The house design is critical to supporting all aspects, including the budget, the furniture chosen, and the concept of what type of house to build. This time, the design will be very interesting as a 2-story model with a modern concept. Even though it is a small space, 6 x 7 meters is ideal for three bedrooms and several other interiors. look at the following design 2 Storey Modern House Design 6 x 7 M with 3 Bedrooms.


 House facade design

This is how the house's facade appears with modern gray nuances. This two-story modern house has a warm exterior and a cool interior. Details combined with solid materials will add a complete home element. Furthermore, this 6 x 7 meter house has a large enough yard for family outdoor activities.

  A view of the house from the side

The symmetrical and firm details on this two-story house are very clear, and the exterior is clean white. A firm, tall house with fine details in every corner results in a safe and comfortable home. Each room has a glass window to allow for more natural light to enter. Details like this will give the impression of a timeless and elegant home in a modern setting.

 The house's flat roof

This modern concept 2-story house employs the flat roof concept, which will be very useful in the future. Because a roof like this can make it easier for owners to add more floors, with the exception that the structure used has been clear from the start, making it safe for additional floors.


 Bedroom models

You can use this bedroom design as an example if you use the concept of a 2-story modern house like this. Industrial style with a little solid, in dark gray. The bedroom has silhouette accents from the lighting of the chandelier attached to the wall.


Bathroom design specifications

The following is an example of a small bathroom. However, its completeness ensures that the owner can participate in the activity comfortably. The design is almost like a bedroom, with gray shades and a strong monochrome theme.

Open floor plan

This time, the interior of the two-story house uses an open plan concept that remains neat. The kitchen and dining room are combined to provide maximum lighting access. To make the interior more timeless, it is painted bright white with a monochrome theme.

Details of 1st floor plan

The details and spatial arrangement of this 6 x 7 meter house are as shown. There is one bedroom on the first floor. Public areas include the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and storage area.

2nd floor plan details

It is designated as a private area on the second floor. There are two bedrooms, a balcony, and a bathroom. The owner's safety is ensured by a ladder at the far end of the space.

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