Simple House Design Ideas that Have Clever Layout -- Having a design before building a house will certainly be more beneficial because it can have the desired appearance and can minimize various risks. The following is a home design idea with a simple look but looks comfortable with a smart layout. Check out Simple House Design Ideas that Have Clever Layout.

House facade design

The facade design of this house has a simple look with a light blue color and some dark details to emphasize the corners of the exterior. This house has 2 floors with a sloping roof model that will make the water flow more optimally when it rains.

Mini pergola

On the outdoor part, there is a swimming pool and a small pergola that is covered for more shade. The blue color is still applied to make it look more harmonious. The owner can enjoy a glass of juice while enjoying the sunny day in this area.

Living room

Entering the interior, there is a living room that has an ash sofa in the corner. The right choice of sofa and smart arrangement make this room look very spacious and comfortable.

Dining area and kitchen

For the next area after the living room, there is the dining room and kitchen which are made close together. The monochrome color is the look that makes the interior look neat and impressive. Between the dining area and the kitchen set, there is a small bar table that can separate the two areas.

Master bedroom

The visible comfort of this bedroom will make the owner have maximum quality rest. Give a matching color so that it makes the room look eye-catching.


The last area is the bathroom. The use of ceramic tiles on the floor and walls creates a clean look and prevents seepage on the walls. If you want to be more organized, you can add a partition in the form of a curtain or transparent glass.





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