Simple House Design 6 x 7 Meters With Natural Concept

Simple House Design 6 x 7 Meters With Natural Concept -- Many people today prefer home designs with a natural theme. It is enough to use environmentally friendly materials in the shape, materials used, and decoration selection to make it feel fresh. The design of this house is also similar, with natural concepts and clean natural elements used to make it a healthy home. Check out the design of a simple 6 x 7 meter house using the following Natural concepts:

Facade layout

As a small country-style house, this 6 x 7 meter house appears idealistic. The calm blue exterior, combined with white, gives the house a cool appearance. The accent pillars, as well as the roof structure, which is still visible, make the house's details more exclusive. This house can be described as a country house with a front garden and a large terrace.

Roof design

Houses 6 x 7 meters in size are frequently built with a gable roof with symmetrical sides. The appearance of the house will be more elegant if the right sloping side is used. The benefits of using a roof model like this one are that the room feels fresh, the house appears tall, and it is protected from rain and heat.

Living room design

The first interior is a luxurious and well-appointed living room. The dark gray sofa is positioned in front of the television. The binding is still neat, with decorative accents and a TV cabinet that also serves as a storage area. This interior is becoming brighter as the window space expands to allow more light to enter.

Open plant idea

This house, as shown in the image, employs an open plan concept to increase activities while also overcoming size constraints. made from the living room, dining room, and kitchen. This is a room concept that is commonly used in most minimalist home designs.

Sustainable concept

As shown in the image above, the interior is also made sustainable. The details appear to be very nice for the central space that was left without partitions. A clean interior will have a significant impact on making a small room appear larger.

Bathroom ideas

The following interior is a spotless bathroom with an all-white interior and granite walls. looks elegant with a clever layout, such as a bathtub at the far end of the room, followed by a closet and sink.

Floor plant


This minimalist 6 x 7 meter house has a clever design that prioritizes public space in the front and privacy in the back. This 1-bedroom house is neatly made with a more modern studio house concept and has a minimalist size.



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