Most Beautiful Tiny House 5x5 Meter - 2 BEDROOM -- A house with a small design does not mean it does not have an unattractive appearance. Instead, don't let others have low expectations for your small house. Create a beautiful look and make anyone impressed with the appearance of your home. For inspiration, check out Most Beautiful Tiny House 5x5 Meter - 2 BEDROOM.

House facade design

This house design has a simple facade but looks beautiful by applying natural colors with varied tones but still harmonious. This house design is also made higher because it has a loft area in the interior. On the front porch, there is a space that can be used functionally such as relaxing with a cup of coffee.

Interior design

For the interior, this 5x5 meter tiny house has an adjacent living room, dining room, and kitchen. In addition, there is a staircase leading to the loft area. Although it looks small, the house has voids that make it look more spacious and bright.

Kitchen and dining area

For the dining area and kitchen, the close arrangement makes the room more space-saving and tidy. The wood color applied to the furniture gives a natural homey vibe. Additional large windows around the dining area will be very beneficial for this small house.


This is the bedroom for the first floor. The simple design occupies a small space. The choice of white color is perfect to give a wider and cleaner impression. In order not to be boring but still not take up much space, place the decoration on the wall of the room.

Loft design

This is the bedroom for the loft area. The use of railings is important to keep it safe for the owner. This area feels more spacious because it does not have a full wall surrounding it. For the decoration, this area also applies the same thing as the previous one.

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