37 Sqm Small House Neat Layout Design 2 Bedroom

37 sqm Small House Neat Layout Design 2 Bedroom

Homlovely.com -- Layout is one of the most important aspects of building a house besides a beautiful design. With the right arrangement, you can get more optimal space. If you are looking for inspiration, you can start with the following "37 sqm Small House Neat Layout Design 2 Bedroom". Let's check it out!



Facade Design


Looking good. This small house uses a minimalist concept with a boxy facade. The building line looks simple. The cream and gray colors blend well together. At the front there is also a minimalist garden to refresh the atmosphere of the house.



Rear View

Rear View

At the back of the house, it also looks simple and minimalist. At the back is a semi-outdoor laundry room and an exit door. The side of the house looks beautiful with a path and green grass. It can be seen that this house also has quite a lot of windows for air ventilation.

Roof Design

Roof Design

This small house uses a flat roof. It looks simple and minimalist, perfect for a small house like this. The roof is also made wide, to protect each side of the house from heat, rain, or leaks, so there is no need to add a canopy.

Open Space Area

Open Space Area

With a minimalist size, it is necessary to make the most of the available space. Like in this living room. This living room is directly connected to the dining area without using a divider. So the room looks more spacious and spacious. The high ceiling model is also very helpful to make the room feel fresher and cooler.

Neat Layout


This tiny house measures 4.6 x 8 meters or 37 sqm. The arrangement is neat and clean. For facilities, this house is quite complete, unfortunately there is no kitchen. But there is a living room, dining room, bathroom, semi-outdoor laundry room, and 2 bedrooms. A house without a kitchen is suitable for those of you who live urban and rarely cook. 

To build this house, the estimated cost is 925k pesos $20,000 USD. But of course this price is not a fixed price, this price can be different depending on the price of construction in your place. And this price is an estimate of the construction only.

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Author    : Rieka

Editor    : Munawaroh

Source    : Youtube.com/ Kh DESIGN

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