Small But Modern Two-Storey House Design (5x5 m) with 2 Bedroom -- Even though it's small, you still need to have an attractive look for your home. A small house design with a modern style will certainly make the house look more beautiful and eye-catching. In addition, to add facilities that are still maximized, a 2-storey house design will be an effective solution for your limited land. For small 2-storey house design ideas with a modern style, check Small But Modern Two-Storey House Design (5x5 m) with 2 Bedroom.

House facade design

The design of this 2-storey house looks very impressive with the modern style it uses despite its small size of 5x5m. The stylish exterior details make this house design look even more attractive. Some of the details applied include the texture of natural stone which is able to give a cool impression on the exterior, and also the wooden lattice is able to provide a warm and natural look.

Living room design

As for the interior design, the parts you will encounter when you first open the main door are the living room and a few other areas. For the living room design, it has a simple look by applying plain and soft colors that also give a cleaner and more spacious impression.

Kitchen and dining area

For the next area is the kitchen and dining room. This area is adjacent to the living room and is made without a partition to create the look of a room that looks spacious and not stuffy. The design of the kitchen and dining area also looks modern with simple and neat details. The use of black color in some parts is also able to help disguise stains and still look clean.

Small bedroom design

Moving on to the bedroom, the not-so-large space was made up for with the right arrangement.  As seen in the picture, this bedroom has storage on the wall to maximize the arrangement and also make the room look more compact.

First floor plan

For the first floor plan design, there are several cozy facilities such as the living room, dining room and kitchen. Interestingly, there is a bathroom near the entrance that can also be used as a facility for guests.

Second floor plan

As for the second floor area, it has a more simple room with only 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Not much area on the second floor is made to provide a comfortable and not too narrow room.

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