Simple House Design Ideas that Look Amazing -- How can your small land be used as a home with comfortable facilities and feel spacious? Of course this is difficult to realize if you can't design it well. So with some important considerations, having a house design is very important before starting to build it. If you are interested in having a house design with a small size, check out Simple House Design Ideas that Look Amazing.




House facade design


Although small, this house design looks so eye-catching with its appearance. The exterior has simple colors and details that make it seem to represent a clean and well-organized look.

Not only that, this house design also smartly utilizes each area well, including this exterior part. The courtyard area can be used as a carport, and the terrace area can be used as a relaxing area if added with some facilities such as tables and chairs.


For the roof design, this house uses a combination model to create more varied elements, as well as to customize each area. Gable roofs and flat roofs are some beautiful combinations for this small house.




House plan design


For details of the size, you can see it in the picture. Some of the rooms include a living room as well as a family room, dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms with a spacious and comfortable size, and there is one bathroom flanked by the two bedrooms.

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Editor       : Munawaroh
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