Minimalist Small Home Decor Ideas that Look Warm -- A house with a small size is often an obstacle for its owner to move comfortably. However, if designed and decorated properly, even a small house can be cozy and enjoyable. For some small home interior ideas that you can emulate, check out Minimalist Small Home Decor Ideas that Look Warm.

Living room idea

This first room serves as the living room. Aside from selecting the perfect color, effectively arranging each piece of furniture can provide the illusion of a larger space to a room that is actually modest in size. Some decorations would be quite appropriate if hung on the wall to save room.


This small kitchen still looks impressive with the choice of colors and furniture designs it has. The more dominant wood color gives a warm impression and makes the owner move more calmly and feel happy.

Dining room

The dining room is an area made simply by the owner. The use of a small table with 2 benches with a capacity of 4-5 people does not take up too much space. This dining room area is adjacent to a fresh indoor garden and will provide a cool atmosphere while eating with the family.

Laundry area

Not far from the dining room there is a laundry area that looks neat with not much furniture used. The existence of a laundry area that coincides with the garden will make the house not muddy.


For the last part of this house is the bedroom. The small room looks comfortable with the right furniture arrangement. Bedless mattresses are made comfortable and flexible. While the rest of the space can be used as a functional shelf or small table.





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