Half Amakan-Concrete Small House Ideas

Homlovely.com -- Home is a primary need that is very important to fulfill. No matter the size, you can still have a comfortable home to live in. For example, this house design. A half-concrete house can be a home with a unique style. For interior details that can be seen from this house, check Half Amakan-Concrete Small House Ideas.




House facade design

This house design has a simple facade that combines Amakan details on some of the walls. For a building that remains sturdy, the use of concrete is essential for this small house design. In addition, the use of roof design owned by this house also looks attractive by using a simple but suitable sloping model.



Living room idea

For the interior, when you first open the door, there is a small living room that still looks cozy with a sofa arranged in the corner. Choosing a sofa with a plain design is also very beneficial because it can give a spacious and neat look.



Kitchen and dining area

For this next area, there is a dining room and kitchen that are arranged close together to make it more compact and space saving. The design of the kitchen table with an L-shaped model is perfect for filling the corner. The use of ash color also makes the room not look dark and stuffy. As for maximizing lighting and air circulation, there are several large windows.

Bedroom design

The small size of the bedroom instantly looks spacious by using less furniture and clever arrangement. The mattress placed in the center is able to provide a comfortable remaining space on the right and left sides to give the owner more flexibility.

Bathroom idea

This small, unattractive house has stylish interiors including the bathroom. The clean design of the room makes the owner feel comfortable using this bathroom. Soft colors and good arrangement can make this bathroom feel spacious and fresh.




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