Clean and Warm Interior Ideas for a Cozy Living Space


Clean and Warm Interior Ideas for a Cozy Living Space -- A cozy home will make its people feels at ease in it. To get a comfortable feeling, of course we need to pay attention to the design used. This time we are back with "Clean and Warm Interior Ideas for a Cozy Living Space" that you can use as inspiration for decorating your dream place. Let's check it out!

Minimalist Exterior


Look charming with a minimalist japandi-style home concept. This house has 2 floors with a large front yard. The facade design is attractive with a combination of white and earth tone colors. This house seems to have quite a lot of ventilation, making it very healthy.

Open Space Concept

Open Plan Area

By applying the open space concept, this house feels spacious without any room dividers. The living room, kitchen and dining area are located next to each other. The bedroom and other rooms are on the 2nd floor. The layout of the entire space is very compact and well organized.

Warm Nuance

Living Area

Minimalist Japanese home design is characterized by a fresh and modern all-white atmosphere. Without causing a sense of boredom, the house, which is dominated by white and earthy-tone colors, actually looks stunning thanks to the touch of natural elements and the optimal entry of sunlight into the entire room.

Maximizing Available Space

Kitchen Area

Less is more, might be a favorite quote for this house. This house uses a simple design with minimalist models and interiors that are not boring. The furniture is also neatly arranged. As in this kitchen area, the kitchen set is arranged in a U-shape layout and has quite a lot of storage space.

Functional Furniture

Wadrobe and Shelf

The Japandi style seems to maintain a simple impression because it combines earth elements with functional wooden furniture, as shown in the picture above. This house uses a lot of furniture with a simple yet functional look. With cabinets and shelves with plenty of storage space, your stuff can be organized neatly.

Super Cozy Interior


In addition to a beautiful design, comfort is also a major point in designing a home. Of course we all want comfort, right? The bedroom in this house is designed to be very homey with a big bed, soft bedcovers, and large windows. Complete facilities, such as window seat, led TV, make this room feel more cozy to enjoy a rest.



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