Clean and Peaceful House Design with Muji Style -- Houses have a variety of design styles that are interesting to apply. One of the most preferred home designs is the muji style which has a clean look, neat arrangement, and a wider room impression. For home design ideas with muji style and interiors that you can imitate, check out Clean and Peaceful House Design with Muji Style.



House facade design

This house has a facade with an aesthetic design as seen on pinterest. The dominant white color also makes the facade of the house look clean, neat, and elegant. The fence design is also made in a more open style to show the beauty of the exterior of the house.

Living room and dining table ideas

Entering the interior of the house, there is a living room and dining room that is made open without a partition so that the room looks more spacious and comfortable. The use of furniture that is not excessive is also a characteristic of home design with a muji style. Natural and simple colors will be perfect for filling the interior of this house.

Simple but beautiful

This next area can function as a relaxing area, study room, or workspace. Although simple, this room is also well-decorated using large plants to fill the room with shade. In addition, the window design of this room is made interesting with an instagramable round shape.

Small kitchen idea

Despite having a large space, this kitchen is designed in a simple style with a small size that applies a minimalist style. The large window design can be used as good air ventilation so as to minimize unpleasant odors in the kitchen.

Bathroom ideas

For this last area is the bathroom. The choice of white and brown wood colors has a stylish look to fill this not too large room. The arrangement of furniture on the same side makes this bathroom have convenient access.
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