8 x 10 M Awesome Minimalist House - 3 BEDROOM

Homlovely.com -- Home design with a minimalist style is much favored because it looks simple, clean, and elegant. Having a house that has the best arrangement will certainly make the owner feel more comfortable. This is also one of the advantages of a minimalist style home design. Neat arrangement and furniture that is not excessive can make the room more space saving and not stuffy. For minimalist home design ideas, check out 8 x 10 M Awesome Minimalist House - 3 BEDROOM.

House facade design

This house design has a facade that seems to combine a minimalist style with a warm and fresh tropical touch. The use of natural stone textures and some glass windows can make the house look natural and stylish. This exterior area also has a small space that is utilized as a relaxing area by adding several chairs and tables.

House plan design

This 8 x 10 meter house design has several room details that look comfortable and have the best layout. In addition to having 3 bedrooms as listed, this house design also has several other rooms such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Living room design

As for the interior, this house design features a living room after opening the main door. The living room design that it has appears stylishly using simple and elegant furniture. Some decorations also look attractive on the wall area.

Dining area and kitchen

To maximize each area well, this home design has a smart layout for its dining room and kitchen. The two areas are kept close together using touches of color and wood tones that look warm and full of character. The lack of partition also makes the space look more spacious.

Bedroom design

The last part to be discussed of this home design is one of the 3 bedrooms. This beautiful bedroom design has an artsy decoration in the form of a large abstract painting on the headboard wall. In addition, to create a fresh area, this bedroom also has a large window design.




Author     : Hafidza
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : KAPUR DESIGN

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