3-Storey Dream Luxury House Design (6x15 meters) with Private Pool


3-Storey Dream Luxury House Design (6x15 meters) with Private Pool

Homlovely.com -- Everyone has a dream home that they want to own. A modern house with a luxurious look and 3 floors is certainly a dream for some people. This time we have prepared a "3-Storey Dream Luxury House Design (6x15 meters) with Private Pool" that you can use as inspiration. Let's check it out!

Facade Design

Facade Design

With its modern theme, this house looks stunning with its box-shaped facade design in the style of a modern contemporary house. Neutral colors such as gray, black, and white, make this house look elegant and bold, so cool! 

This 6x15 m house has 3 floors. From the front, there is a carport, a terrace with a mini garden, and a small balcony. This house uses a lot of large glass windows, so that light can enter maximally.

Rear View

Rear View


This modern house uses a sloping roof with a nice combination. At the back of the house is an open area with a private swimming pool. To prevent tampering, there is a canopy on the relaxing spot by on the side of the pool. 

In this relaxing spot, there are comfortable chairs. There is also a green spot on the side of the pool, so it looks attractive, fresh, and more alive!

Open Space Concept

Open Space Concept


With a minimalist size of 6 x 15 meters, this house makes the most of the available space. The first floor uses an open space concept without any partition. So the room feels more spacious, and also healthier with air circulation and natural lighting. 

Warm Interior

Bedroom with Warm Interior


From the outside, this house looks dashing with its boxy facade and neutral colors. The inside of the house is warm and cozy. The interior is designed with warm colors. It can be seen from the furniture that uses many earth tone colors, such as brown, beige, nude, and others. Besides giving the impression of warmth and comfort, these colors are also on trend!

Full Facilities

Relaxing Spot


With 3 floors, this house also has very complete facilities. Perfect for your beloved little family. On the 2nd floor there is a relaxing spot in the middle of the room. This spot is equipped with a sofa bed and floor carpet, there is a small balcony too! You can add beanbags and comfy pillows.

Laundry and Gym Area

On the 3rd floor, there is a semi-outdoor laundry area. This area is quite spacious, equipped with washing machines and wide clotheslines. This area is also quite spacious, you can make it a relaxing spot, or a sports area. Add a treadmill and you are all set!

Private Pool

This part has already been slightly seen when discussing the rear view of the house. Yes, this house feels luxurious with a private swimming pool. Located at the back of the house, this swimming pool is quite spacious. Privacy? No worries, there is a fence around it. There are also green spaces and relaxing spots on the sides, how cozy is that?

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Author    : Rieka

Editor    : Munawaroh

Source    : Youtube.com/ Shyi House Design

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