Tiny Two Storey House Ideas That Look Simple But Impressive

Homlovely.com -- Small house does not mean can not create comfort for the owner. Having a house with a small size is actually an interesting challenge for the owner to be able to provide views and facilities that everyone will admire. For tiny house design ideas that you can emulate, check Tiny Two Storey House Ideas That Look Simple But Impressive.

House facade design

This house has a simple fa├žade appearance with not excessive color selection. The combination of white and wood makes this house look cleaner and feel relaxing. The front facade area also has a porch with a roof and a small staircase. Don't forget the railing design that makes this small staircase look safer.

Rear exterior view

When viewed from behind, this house appears in a minimalist style but still maximizes each part properly so that it remains functional. This area has a back balcony which can be used as a relaxing area or other areas that the owner wants.

Living room design

Entering the inside of the house, there is a small living room near the entrance. In the living room area is equipped with a small sofa arranged in the corner of the room. Apart from sofas, this area is also equipped with a wall-mounted television for more space saving.

Creative design under stairs

Not wanting to waste every corner, this house uses the area under the stairs as a dining room and kitchen. The size of the height can also be adjusted so that it still provides comfort for the family. Then, if there is remaining space, additional plants can be decorations that can provide fresh air in this small room.


Kitchen design

The appearance of this kitchen does look different from that of the living room which as a whole dominates the area in white. This vibrant color selection is meant to create a more cheerful look and be able to give a look that is not boring. You can use any other color you like. Don't forget to present a window design in this kitchen area so it won't be stuffy.

Bedroom design

Even though it is small, this bedroom still has a comfortable appearance with the right arrangement. Placement of the bed near the wall will make the remaining space around it can be put to good use. Built-in design additions are essential to keep a room functional.

Bathroom design

This bathroom design is an important thing to note. Small size on the ground floor, making every detail must be considered carefully. The use of white on the walls also makes this room feel more spacious and clean. Don't forget to provide proper lighting.

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