Tiny Homes Design Ideas with Functional Roof

Homlovely.com -- Having a house with a small and simple design will certainly make it easier to build and also have easier maintenance. However, that doesn't mean a small house has no aesthetic value. The following are examples of ideas for creating a small house that you can use as a place to live or just as a place to relax while calming down from your busy life. For details that you can follow, check out Tiny Homes Design Ideas with Functional Roof.

Home facade design

This small house looks attractive with the selection of exteriors with a warm style using wood look details in various parts. To get to the roof area, it is also equipped with a small outdoor staircase using wood as well. Not only that, the use of lights with warm spotlights is something that maximizes the beauty of this small house.

Porch as a foyer

The use of glass doors in this tiny house is very beneficial. In addition to making the room look brighter, the glass look also makes the house feel more modern and elegant. When opened simultaneously, this door can also transform the porch as a foyer before entering the living room. The porch roof design also makes it look more comfortable and eye-catching.

Living room area

Entering the interior of the house, there is a living room area that has a simple look and does not take up much space. In addition, the selection of the dominant white color in the room can give a more spacious effect and make the room look cleaner and tidier.

Kitchen and dining table

For the next section, the kitchen and dining table are designed opposite each other so that they still have convenient access. In addition, the kitchen area is also equipped with large windows that can make the room fresher and less stuffy. 


Despite its small size, this house has a bathroom that looks cozy. In addition to the use of white color, the additional partition in the bathroom is also able to make each area have a more optimal function. To organize some items such as soap, an additional shelf on the wall is an interesting idea.

Roof area

This area is one of the most eye-catching. The flat roof can be used as a functional spot such as a relaxing area. The addition of comfortable chairs will accompany relaxing with an amazing view of the surroundings. The additional railing also keeps this roof safe.

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