Small Two Storey House Design (4 x 7 m) with Cozy Balcony -- Home design is made to describe the appearance of prospective homes by paying attention to many things. For example, with a small size, how can the house still have comfortable facilities and have an appropriate layout. The following is a reference for small 2-story house ideas that you can imitate. Check out Small Two Storey House Design (4 x 7 m) with Cozy Balcony.

House facade design

The minimalist design of this house impresses with the application of soft colors. Not many complicated details are used in the design of the facade of this house. Looking from the front, this house design has a cool balcony and a small porch that is also functional.

Rear view

For the back, this house design has a functional area by placing a laundry area. Although it looks to be in the outdoor area, it still has a flat roof that has a simple and minimalist style.

First floor house plan

For the first floor area of the house, there are several rooms depicted along with their sizes. Some of these rooms include the porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. As explained earlier that the laundry area is outside the house.

Second floor plan

While the second floor area has a simple look and is not filled with many rooms. There is only a spacious master bedroom that is still comfortable for the owner. This second floor area also has access to a balcony so that you can do activities without being boring.

Living room idea

The first area that is part of this house is the living room. The design of the room with an open plan concept is able to give a spacious impression to the house. The application of soft colors also makes a bright and comfortable look for the owner. Not to forget, additional decorations are also used so that the room does not look boring.

Dining area and kitchen

While besides the living room there are also several other areas in this room. The kitchen and dining area are placed close together to make it more organized and efficient. To give a more interesting touch, this room uses chairs with vibrant colors.

Bedroom design

For another part of the house is the bedroom. The comfortably sized bedroom is also equipped with a large window to let in light and air so that the bedroom is not stuffy.




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Editor      : Munawaroh
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