Simple Tiny House Ideas that Have A Clever Interior Layout -- The simple look of a house is also favored by many people. Details that are not excessive are felt to be able to provide tranquility and make you feel more comfortable. Not only that, a stunning look can also be obtained from the right spatial layout and make the house functional even though it is small. For tiny house ideas that you can make a reference, check Simple Tiny House Ideas that Have A Clever Interior Layout.



House facade design

This small house has a simple look by using a wooden exterior that depicts a beautiful and calm rural atmosphere. Several lamps are well placed to provide warm-looking lighting. The small porch area can also be used for relaxing or as a small garden with some neatly arranged pots.

Living room area

At the very front, the house has a large area that feels spacious and is utilized as a living room with a comfortable sofa. The sofas are arranged across from each other so you can still chat comfortably. Several large windows on the wall area can make this room feel brighter and more spacious.

Kitchen space

Besides the living room, there is also a kitchen that has a wooden look with a warm and natural feel. In addition, the dining table, which is located near the kitchen, can make time efficient when preparing dishes for the family. This kitchen area also has large windows so that even small houses feel more spacious and comfortable.

Laundry area

Having a small space near the bathroom is also well maximized in this tiny house, and is used as a laundry area with a cabinet to store some items to make it tidier and space saving.

Simple bedroom idea

The choice of a more dominant white color is well applied to this bedroom. Even though it is more dominant in white, a touch of wood is also still visible on some of the furniture around it so that this bedroom still looks to have a style that matches the rest of the interior.





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